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Adding Your Career Or Business Profile On The Right Platform Will Boost Your Network

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be heard, with your knowledge (Skills) and a high demand service or product.

Must you wait to be called before you show up?

You don’t have to…

Someone out there is desperately searching for you. They may not be aware you have solution to their problem.

How then will you reach out to get your audience attention to know you are the right person with the solution?

A thought flashed my mind, as i started pondered over this, how promoting ones product or service seems to be “difficult” to many in an era where technology is dominating.

Could it be that technology advancement impede more challenges to users, making the crude traditional world of decades ago better than the present?

These were some of the questions that ran my mind as i pondered deep.

I got into discussion with people sometimes and they keep painting a picture of how competitive it is today to get things done as it was in the past.

Getting things done now may be tough to those that are overwhelmed with the so many choices of what to focus on, who need you and where they are in their journey of searching for you.

If you know where the person who needs your skills, product or service is without calling, you will meet them.

Report shows that in the present time more people go on the Internet to search for what they want not asking those around them.

And when you ask them if they need it, they tell you less of what they actually want.

The Disruption Tha Births Opportunities.

Today, the Internet has disrupted the once centered monopoly of service where only a few who had resources get in front of their audience.

You don’t need an exorbitant budget to promote your business, your skills or share knowledge on the Internet unlike local tabloid, Tv/Radio or Billboard.

What Does It Take To Promote Yourself Online?

Many who ordinarily wouldn’t have get their message out due to some kind of barriers that surround their physical world are able build themselves a niche with the help of  the Internet.

Imagine a tailor who could not afford a shop in the city and decided to settle in a nearby town to explore.

He discovered that his designs are highly admired by his customers and many others.

How would he explore the rich market in the city without a physical shop there?

The tailor contracted a digital expert to help him put his business online.

He did not have the basic knowledge of which digital platforms that is best for his kind of business, but the expert knows, so he designed a digital Marketing strategy for him.

Eventually marks the turning point to his business, as he continues his online activities, a large number of online searchers see’s his business even when they are not searching for him.

He receive calls of order for his designs when they need it.

Going online demands for some kind of patience and careful planning.

You can start building your professional online presence with the platform you are already on.

If Facebook is where you spend most of your time, why not give it a trial to see the response of your target audience?

Testing a digital platform is key and gives you the basic understanding of which platform works for your kind of service, product or business.

There are different digital Landscapes, and these platforms varies in their  functionality and lifestyle, so it is good to test to know which one works for you or not.

A digital marketing strategy is required when you want to go professional.

Key Channels To Explore.

You are not limited with the Internet, but it also matters if you adopt the right strategy.

Internet become a non productive platform when  you are sharing a right message to the wrong audience.

It’s good to understand your audience, what is their level of maturity, interest, experience, status…. and where they are online.

Without these background knowledge your marketing is not data driven, therefore getting low response that may lead to frustration.

There are different platforms that anyone can leverage to Increase your network.

1. Google My Business

This is a local business directory that show your Career, product or service to a wide number of searchers on Google.

You optimize your profile by sharing daily or weekly updates about your business on the platform.

GMB provides you with options to add extensional information about your business like website url, phone number, location address.

You add hours and the weekdays you are available for business.

Show your searchers how many kilometres you can service them if contacted.

You also share images, videos about your business on Google My Business.

Google My Business

Imagine how much you will achieve with Google My Business alone.

Most people complain that they have challenge getting the verification Code.

Don’t hesitate to chat me to help you verify your profile on Google My Business.

2. Facebook

Facebook is one of the most widely used social media around the world today.

Facebook connects you with both the people you know and those you have not met.

If you can maximize Facebook market, there is no telling how much customer base you will build.

You must engage the right Social Media Marketing Strategy in other to get the attention of your audience.

The more the competition in the market the best result those who adopt the right approach are getting in their social media marketing activities.

The question is how much gains do you want to make from your online presence?

You may not have a tangible product but you sure have some knowledge that someone somewhere is desperately searching for it.

Can you package it and put it on the right platform for others and make a fortune as more people engage with it?

That’s a different topic i will elaborate on in my subsequent posts.

How you make Income sharing knowledge online.

3. Vconnect

More people search on  VConnect to hire local professionals for service.

I once got a business lead that came through Vconnect.

This platform have range of service providers from planning of wedding, fashion, schools, Hotels to cleaning service, the platform connects you with your best audience.

VConnect is committed to making a meaningful impact through continuous innovation to meet the dynamic needs of SMEs and empower users by creating a system that delivers better value through easily accessible information and connections with the right service businesses.

4. Your Business Blog

Building a blog for yourself is highly rewarding.

I have written a post on 30-ultimate-reasons-why-your-business-needs-a-blog-or-website/


Building an online presence is very necessarily and something you should be Inspired to do irrespective of your location as far as you can connect to Internet.

And you don’t need a budget to get started even though paid optimization is much more rewarding and Increases your chances of building a large network.

Don’t hesitate to call/chat or email me to help you if you need my assistance.

Also share your contributions in the comment box.

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