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55 Best Blog Niches You Can Handle At Your Leisure Time To Make Income In Nigeria.

Blogging activities has been one of the most effective way of communicating information about products or services, in which both organisations and Individuals are leveraging, for efficient and timely value delivery to targeted audience.

There is nothing frustrating in life like having something of value and yet not making use of it.

Many people never thought of life outside there work inspite of all the wealth of knowledge they have inside them, you can actually make income by sharing what you know with others.

Westerners got enlightened early about life, many of their young millionaires today are school dropouts.

These people sit in their homes making income on the internet by feeding people around the world with information they need.

If you are reading this post now, this is going to revolutionise you, henceforth you will go and launch yourself and never to remain thesame again.

There is so much wealth in the present era than what the world used to have in the 17th -18th centuries.

It’s a privilege to be born in the ERA of INTERNET boom, my friend, leverage it for your advantage, don’t dull for please!

Five years ago a friend of mine could tell me “Jerry, go on the Internet” but what he did not tell me was what to do on the internet. This cost me five years of desperate search for the real meaning of how INTERNET works.

At some point, i could write down step by step of how to get myself a blog, but the challenge was what to promote on the blog.

Let me tell you a secret, do you know that you have something inside you that people are desperately looking for?

What you know is an answer to someone’s problem, how do you make it available for them to access?

When people want to search for information concerning anything- products or services they don’t do it on facebook or Instagram, they go to search engines like Google, Bing, etc. search engines direct’s them to people’s blogs or websites to make choice.

Do you know what happened next, when people jump from one blog to another searching for information?

That is what nobody told you that i am going to spill it out to help you rebrand yourself, value, products, career, services, skills, profession and put it where people who need it will access it anytime from anywhere.

I can help you to package it, to build your own Internet and attract yourself a premium by sharing what you know to the world.

The good thing is that, you may sleep but your website or blog runs 24/7, and people anywhere around the world can visit your site at anytime.

Package What You Know To Get Paid Doing It.

You don’t have to be an expert before you start sharing what you know, but in the process of time you will get perfected.

Nobody jumped to where they are even the professionals, they once started from the beginning.

All you need is to define what you want, get it ready and step out doing it. don’t forget nobody will usher you in, you got to do something uncommon that will bring people to you.

Let me asked you a question, can you call upto two hundred names of people you know very well and they also know you? I think its difficult, and that is to tell you that, life is beyond the people you know, if you truly want to excel, don’t bet on those you know, you may end up frustrated.

How To Choose A Niche.

Irrespective of what you do, whether you are a student, graduate, business person, politician, lecturer, lawyer, banker, retiree, age and young etc… there is a place for you on the Internet where you can share your knowledge and make an income from it.

Your niche means the area of interest or where your passion is that you want to share with the world, your contents, articles will not be outside your niche in other to gain more recognition.

There are many niches you can explore ranging from fiction to non fiction.

I categorize it this way to enhance clarity:


1- Home Decor.

Everyone that has a home would want to have it neat and beautiful. people search for ways on how to keep their home attractive, you can build a blog on this.

Another business opportunity in this will come from selling home accessories or home magazines, either direct or through affiliate links. you will make real money in this niche.

Your market or traffic will come from all class of people.

someone wrote how he wanted to hang a picture frame on the wall without scratching the wall, he searched the internet and got a solution, someone who sells pins did a review about it, he drove down and picked it from the person.

Build a blog and start writing on this, if this is your passion or interest.

2- Ladies Fashion.

Teach ladies how to dress, which clothe to wear for particular occasion.

Teach them about different designs, accessories, clothes etc.

You can add affiliate links to your blog and start making income from your audience selling ladies fashion.

3- Men’s Fashion.

Men are fashion freak too so if you can educate men on your blog, you will have them queue up to catch the latest update on your blog.

A good opportunity for male tailors to access.

4- Traditional wears.

A cool niche you can make great exploit writing about it.

You can help to maintain the fading trend for traditional cultural wears.

Create an archives to help preserve some cultural wears of different cultures.

5- Catering Service.

Blogging about catering will bring you huge reward if you give people real value.

People can’t resist quality no matter how they may pretend not to let you know, they will always come to get information they know you have.

You can also package courses in catering service and sell to your audience on your blog.

Be real, genuine and give more than expected.

6- How To Cook Dishes.

Blog about how to cook different kind of dishes.

Both local and continental dishes.

You will be highly sought after if you can stay consistently with this.

Think of any popular tradition that have different dishes that people of all tribe would be happy to know and start blogging about it today.

You can package courses and teach your blog visitors.

People who need it will come to you for training.


7- Women Entrepreneur.

I once read a book titled: The Smart Money Woman by Arese Ugwu. A short book that teaches on how women should handle money, make and multiply money. the author runs offline seminars too.

Make this a niche and see how many women that will knock your blog for direction.

Everyone want fame and the only way to go is to gain the right knowledge.

8- How To Fund A Business.

Teach business financing, there are many blogs that writes about this, but you got to tell the world what you know too.

If you start this and stay focused, you will have many who will come to read your writings, by doing so, your account will smile.

You will also consult for them, there are some people out there who are start up investors, these kind of people will partner you to reach to their target audience.

9- Insurance.

Many people don’t know about insurance, but if you can start teaching about it today, you will build a niche where your blogging about Insurance will pay you.

Other opportunities here include selling insurance to your readers through affiliate as well.

10- Import and Export.

Start a blog on how to import and export.

What are the things that can be exported and the ones to bring into the country?

11- Make Money Online.

You can teach people how to make money online, like myself you are reading what i have learnt overtime, through my blog be rest assured to start your online business too.

Online business is beyond investing money to get back a certain amount of percentage.

12- Real estate.

I am into real estate, and I train and consult too.

If you check my previous blog posts you will sure be inspired to start real estate business.


13- Politics.

More and more people are getting involved in the politics on daily basis.

You can become a political analyst, give people authentic analysis of what is happening in the political sector and have your blog flooded with traffic you can monetize to make income.

You can publish e-books on politics and sell on your blog. Students and many other people will buy it.

It is good to stay focus if you are writing about national politics, don’t promote scandals, give people authentic information, show them the moral lessons that can be derived from your writings. wrong news spread but good news do much more.

14- Wedding Tips.

A niche you can explore and make impact. ladies does perfectly well when it comes to wedding matters so if you are a lady and is good in wedding planning you can rebrand your services and put it on the internet.

15- Photograph.

Photography has being trending uptill now, become a writer about how best people can enjoy this.

Give tips about latest work software and cameras, functionality and how to use them.

16- Security Tips.

Security is needed everywhere around the world and it is one of the things that catches the attention of everyone.

Maybe you are an ex-service personnel, why not start a blog today to educate people on how to mitigate insecurity in the nation.

Students, scolars, and lawmakers need your knowledge to write thesis and to move motion for bills in the Senate.

While they visit your blog for information, you get paid.

17- Digital marketing.

I am into digital marketing services too, you may narrow your writings to focus on this only if this is your interest.

18- Law.

There are many law blogs out there but that in any way should stop you from sharing your knowledge with the world.

Your explanations of the law may be all someone out there has being looking for.

This is another way to promote your career as well, there is no limit to how much information you published on your blog can go around the world.

19- Freelancing.

If you can write articles, why not create a blog and start publishing it there, also let people know you can write for them.

Also teach your writing techniques to your readers, you will also go far to selling courses on your blog.

20- Editing And Proofreading.

If you can proofread why not start writing about it to show your skills?

People will hire you for big jobs.


21- Organic Products.

This is another good area to cover. the rise in use of herbal products is on the increase.

You can make a fortune selling herbal products too hence people are using it more. They will place orders through your blog.

You must not have it in stock to do reviews about it, promote it through affiliate marketing.

22- Ketogenic Dieting.

Many want to lose weight especially women.

They search for information online that can help them lose weight.

Your blog will serve a long way, you will become an affiliate to sell some keto products and make commission.


23- Schools and Admission.

This is another niche that is demanding, as far as people are leaving secondary schools into University.

there will always be demand for admission into tertiary institutions.

Write about this, do school reviews let people visit your blog to get every information they need about tertiary institutions in nigeria.

If you are a teacher or lecturer this will help you more.

You can write about International schools that offer admissions to non indigene and the terms that are involved.

24- History.

build a niche about the history of nigeria, a well detailed content about this will take you far.

25- Economy.

Teach people capitalism, socialism, privatisation

Let them know how the law of demand and supply determine resource allocation.

Teach about how population, demographic indices help or affect the nation and the way forward.

There are people who search for such information online.

26- Geography.

Start writing about natural features, get images captured and publish on your blog.

Relate this to local geography, there are some features that you might be the first to review through your writings.

This will build your CV, give you global recognition.

27- Online Courses.

If you are someone who run special school or professional courses, why not package it and start writing about it on your blog?

Through this, those who are interested to take short or long term courses online can pay to participate.

28- Personal Development.

This is a wide niche but interesting one that you can explore to make a fortune.

More people want to learn what will help better their lives, so if you can start writing about personal development, overtime your expertise will pay off.

Look at Tony Robins, he is a well know global public figure whose books are all over the world.

29- Sport.

How much did you know about sport that can help to entertain people?

Football, basketball, beach soccer, general games etc

If you can start writing about this if it is your passion, certainly with due diligence you will reap the reward.


30- Phone Tips.

Do reviews about latest phones, how to use sophisticated phones to do excel, MSW etc, android phones comes with software that are used for different purposes

I have been using Android phone for long but just of recent I discovered how to convert my writings into pdf copy on my phone.

Help people know different functions of a phone by blogging about it.

Any new phone that is out, browse about it from the company’s website and do write up about it, publish on your blog. let people know you have the information they need.

31- Electronics.

Write about latest trends of electronics, do a review about this.

You can go far by writing about those behind it.

If you are an electronic engineer you will explore best in this niche.

32- Automobiles.

How much do you know about Cars? can you start writing about it? teach people how to maintain automobiles.

You will become an auto expert, sell cars through affiliate on your blog.

The traffic that visit your blog, you will monetize and make income


33- Poultry farm.

Teach people how to start and manage poultry farm, birds treatment etc

Write everything you know is relevant to people so that it will get them look for you for consultancy.

Sell e-books about poultry farm, people will buy and it will help them solve a problem.

34- Fish Farm.

Become a fish farm expert, write extensive about how people can grow and make income from fish farming.

Maintenance, and all the necessary information that is required for successful fish farming.

I am in one agro telegram group, I know the kind of questions they ask concerning this.

35- Crop production.

Everywhere around the world there are farmers, and today’s farmers are connected to online.

Build content around this niche and get more visitors

36- Animal life.

People have pets in there homes.

Blog about how to care for pets in harsh and cool weather conditions.

Give general tips on how to handle them during pregnancy and birth.

Feeding and every good information you know people may need, write about it and publish.

37- Chicken Feeds.

You can make income by writing about different kind of feeds and how to serve your birds.

Quantity, quality, how to us it to mitigate disease outbreaks.

These are practical facts that people research online.


38- Entertainment.

Entertainment is wide too, what kind of entertainment do you want to write about?

Music, movie or comedy?

once you spell it out clear hit the ground running.

I tell people, real value speaks more than gossip, many people may tell you how much money gossip bloggers make, that may be true, but when they need who to showcase out, nobody will call them gossipers. your message should be centred on adding value to the society not gossip.

Build a career that will make you money and friends not the one that will make you money and enemies.

39- Pregnancy Blog.

This is a blog for specialist, nurse or gynaecologist.

You will have people who need help concerning pregnancy coming to ask questions.

40- Campus Life.

With the alarming rate of influx in Nigerian universities you will sure have huge traffic who will come to read your articles.

Make sure you create good content.

41- Work Life.

Like LinkedIn which is known as a platform for where CEOs and employees meet, create blog that discuss work life, you will be amaze how many people will link your blog to read your articles.

42- Inspirational Quotes Blog.

Create a blog for only Inspirational quotes, people who need it will google to locate you. there is one called Brainy Quotes.

43- Multi Level Marketing.

Become an expert to train young networkers, show them that there is future in network marketing, the fast way to culture your entrepreneural spirit.

If you have been into network marketing before, you should know the popular Eric Wore, Tanya Aliza and so many.

Just visit their blogs, get some tips, work on it and launch yours.

44- Stress Management.

Educate people on how to manage stress, give them tips that really help them, they will find your blog educative and will stick to it.

If you are a medical personal why not work on something like this if you don’t have one.

45- Christian Blog.

If you start a christian blog and stay with moral teachings, you will have people who would love to read your posts.

If you want to excel, don’t gossip, don’t promote scandals.

You can sell christian books through affiliate.

Just do book review and publish it on your blog, your audience will order from you.

Do reviews of christian books that teaches kingdom principles of finance.

46- General Etiquette.

Do more personal studies about etiquette and start blogging about it.

These are kind of information some people don’t ask those around them but go to search for online.

47- Travel and Tourism.

If you are into air ticketing you will make more exploit in this area.

Write about most beautiful countries in the world that people can travel for vacation.

Show the travel cost, from flight fare to hotel accommodation bills, do these reviews and get yourself steady market for your niche.

48- Relationship Matters.

Become a counsellor through your writings on your blog.

Many people love to follow up relationship matters.

49- Library Science.

Write about how to set and manage school and home library.

Every school own a library, so your writings will get them to you.

50- Fitness.

Everyone need good health and do source for information on how to keep fit.

start a blog on this niche and gather an online community that will subscribe to read your blog posts.

51- Kids.

Nobody joke with their kids, people can pay any price to give their kids the best.

if this is your passion to educate them about how to groom and handle kids, you will welcome visitors to your blog.

52- Parenting.

Teach parents how to live their responsibilities. we are all products of information, if you are not taught you won’t know. build a niche on this topic and make a nice extra time sharing your passion.

53- Do It Yourself- DIY.

Many people like to acquire general knowledge about things.

Become a coach to teach people how to Do it by themselves.

54- Cryptocurrency.

This is another fast growing niche that all over the world more people are getting to know about the cryptocurrency market.

Start a blog and educate people about it.

55- Stock market.

Stock of all time has been the way through which many millionaires make money from.

Educate people about how stock market works.


If you google these niches, you will find out that people are already writing about it, but you can build on it and come out with something unique.

The list for blog niches is endless, know that people have varying interests and therefore go online to search for things that they want, which you can write about. just think of anything people need information for and get it available.

The business man, Richard Branson wrote in one of his book that, if he is to develope any App, he will gather data and come out with the best app. You can do same and come out with something unique.

There is no doubt writing comprehensive contents is challenging but you can grow your skills and become an expert.

I can be of help too, so don’t delay to start.

I will take you step by step on how to get the neccessary writings available to launch your blog and get it live.

Hope you have learnt something new. please do subscribe to our newsletter for subsequent blog posts and also share your feedback in the comment box.

Best Wishes

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