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30 Ultimate Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Blog Or Website.

Anytime you search for information on the Internet, search engines like google, bing etal help you to find it by suggesting pool of information to you.

A click takes you into someone’s blog or website. Even yesterday or today you may have searched for information about breaking news, money matters, investment, music, football, business, politics, health and wellness, real estate, how to start a business, online business, education,…. etal.

The result you got each time you perform this task is from people’s blogs and websites that search engines pulled out to suggest to you.

You Sure Do Admire A Beautiful House That Stand Out On The Street Right?

Your website is like a building on the street and the purpose you are using it for promotes it to more people.

What determine it’s prominence start from the external to internal features, what it is made up of, and the value it carries.

For instance, if your house where to be a website, you consider these characteristics; the address, state, city, street.

Is your building for residential or commercial? because this will determine which features that will be added and not.

What colour do you want to paint your house that depict the purpose it is been used for, from external to internal features.

A good architect know where to position the bedroom, living room, guest room, kitchen, etc.

Even where you hang Award Plaques in your house is strategic, you can’t hang it in the bedroom, you place them where people can see as they stepped into your house.

If your building were to be a shop you constantly give it a new face by painting and making the frontage neat and attractive with sign post that represents what you are selling inside.

More customers will visit your shop as you keep bringing in new goods, they will come back to you if they found satisfaction with your services.

With this great illustrations by now you should start thinking where to start to get yourself a good full functional blog or website that will stand out amongst many. If you don’t know what to promote on your blog or website I can help you pick a niche.

Reasons You Need A Blog Or Website Irrespective Of What You Do

1- Unlimited market target.

Your blog or website position your market to the wider world, you will be in front of potential customers that weren’t in touch with your brand before, irrespective of what you sell, products or services.

If you decide to include an eCommerce store that you can sell right on the spot your store will be up at any time.

2- Your website is a platform that sells your products and services.

It can act as a catalogue for your services and products. changes in  prices or packages for your services or products are also done on your website for your customers to know.

Your website is your information board so you update all latest changes about your business on your  website before going to send out emails or fliers.

3- A website enhances your business credibility and legitimacy.

Because your website carries every neccessary information about your success, your products and services it helps for easy assessment and decision making.

It’s not only information about your products, but also other marketing related information. As well as proving yourself as a business person customers can trust.

Your website shows your customers you are ready for business.

A 21st century business without a website will make your customers think you don’t follow the Internet technological progress even if in reality you do.

These are things that you don’t want your potential clients to think about your Business.

Years ago it was important that your business had a real physical address, today it’s important, that you have a website.

Build your credibility by upgrading to have a business website or a personal blog.

4- Your website can help you with your business core values.

Your business website or blog can’t work effectively without publishing quality educative content for your visitors.

In doing so, you will also live in the reality of the message you share.

It will help you to revise your business goals while you keep writing and get you to correct some stuff.

You will set new goals and structure your business in a more defined way.

5-Your potential customers are online.

More people are surfing the Internet for what to buy and more importantly from whom to buy online. If you are not there they will simply skip you.

Online is not just facebook or Instagram, the real buying decision will be taken on your blog or website.

It doesn’t matter if you run a big or small  business. You should create a blog for it, presenting yourself as one of the providers of products or services.

6- Website or blog link you with the right audience.

There is nothing as painful as wasting your knowledge or resources to a wrong audience. wrong audience means people who don’t have interest in your business or services.

so the best way you can connect with like minded people or those who are hungry for your business or services is through your business blog or website.

Anybody that visit your business website is sure searching for information and will buy from you if they find it.

7- You can educate your customers about your brand, products, and services.

If you can provide value through your website to  educate your visitors about your niche they will sure be more engaged and more likely to stay and become customers.

Add share buttons for social media to your blog posts. Your visitors will share your posts and get you even more exposure.

By providing value on your blog you have more influence on visitors in making buying decisions.

8- Your Blog or website saves you time.

Irrespective of the services or products you renders, your website will save your time.

Today there are chats bot that are programmed to help in answering questions and leading customers to navigate your business website to buy without calling your attention.

9- Create a knowledge base and resource center for your visitors.

Your website or blog as a place where you share educative materials beomes a learning or research centre.

Upload videos, learning material and other resources that can help your customers, give them knowledge about what you have that they are looking for.

10- Your business is never closed with your website.

You may close your offline shop or yourself may close from online to rest for the day but your website is live and open 24/7. It doesn’t close by 4pm or 8pm to open by 8am.

While you sleep, you have visitors reading your content 1am, 3am.

11- Your business can now connect globally.

This is not just about seeing globally but people at global level actually patronise you, and you wouldn’t want to miss this contacts. so why won’t you create a business blog or website?

12- Showcase your work or achievements with your product or service.

Your website is a good place to show the world your achievements or products and services.

First impression matters so put it where new visitors to your website can see.

13- Your website can provide social media proof.

Personally i trust online reviews, before I download any app online, I first view the reviews about it before downloading it. majority of people trust online reviews too.

This is call social proof, so your website provides this information

A good reason to have your own business website and include testimonials and if applicable ever star reviews.

14- Your business website is where you initiate marketing.

Your website is the centre where you first publish your marketing information before you start sharing or printing in other formats.

All your marketing campaign should first go live on your website landing page so that what is written on your flyers, or in videos can lead new visitors to your website.

15- It helps you to improve your customer support.

Through feedbacks and complaints you can improve your product or services for customer satisfaction.

Have an FAQ page on your website. You know your industry better than anyone. Why wouldn’t you answer frequently asked questions right on your online home?

16- It can save you expenditures to increase income.

Having a business website will save you money from printing fliyers and running television or radio adverts.

The amount of money you will use to run an online advert will be far less to offline ads.

17- Business email (

It is more professional using a web email to transact with business related matters.

Once people see this they know you are credible.

18- A Website helps you  to collect new visitors data for new leads.

You have a subscribe form that pop up demanding a visitor to enter their email address.

Collected data can offer you a better insight into your audience. This way you can make better decisions about your marketing and sales.

Your offer can be more personalized and with that in mind, you can reach a more targeted audience.

19- Helps to webroom for your business.

This is done by providing different and all the necessary information about your products or services.

Show the variations in colour, size etc. this will help your visitors to make buying decisions and enter your store.

20- Online market is growing.

Don’t be left out if you are a business owner or you have special knowledge you know people will need. It’s time to package it and put online.

I can help you if you have difficulty to do that.

Don’t think traditional shopping will extinct, it will not hence there must be where inventories or services are held. but online will spread your business faster to the wider world.

21- This will give you a reason to spend quality time online.

This is another good reason you should build a business blog or website.

Even if you are going to share comedy or jokes, there are people who are searching for it everyday to keep them.

Get quality and productive jokes published on your blog.

22- Your website will store your information over decades.

This is your own Internet you have control over, facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn may have rules that restrict some certain content which may lead to account blockage, your website or blog can not block you because you are the owner and incharge of it, any information you are promoting people will visit your blog based on interest.

23- You will network with your website.

Another good benefit of having a blog or website, it gives you links to resource people in your niche, this means promotion.

24- You become an expert.

This will help you to build web skills, it will expose you to so many new things you never thought will be possible with you.

25- Help to make extra Income.

You can run affiliate marketing using your website, all you need is to do review about product or services and through choice buyers will key in.

26- Your website position you to become an internet celebrity.

It’s no doubt that it requires skills, diligence and dedication to manage a blog or website that is constantly feeding your audience with new updates.

You are one if you can fit into this and help others get what they are looking for through you. you ll be celebrated.

27- Attracts job opportunities.

As an expert other companies will hire you to consult for them and they will pay you.

Just be the best in what you do you will attract others.

What value do you have, package it and start today.

28- Look important on Google.

Have you googled yourself to see what links or information come against your detailes. it’s a good CV when it comes to social proof.

If you google for JeblizWorld or Aligba Jerry T every single information about me will appear.

29- Share your creativity.

What do you know? Are you a barrister, medical doctor, pharmacist, nursery or secondary school teacher, a university lecturer, banker, a network marketer, a student, a comedian, a taxi driver, a caterer etc. A blog will be a good way to sell your skills, talent, knowledge to the world.

30- Your competitors have a business blogs or websites.

Your potential customers are sourcing what to buy online, even though they see it from you but would prefer to go and order from an ecommerce website or blog.

If you ask me reasons it is because many people want to be secretive in their shopping especially when it comes to fashion.

So why not get yourself a business blog or website and start sharing all you know about your business, profession, career so that someone out there will call you to give them premium services?

If you didn’t do it, your competitors who wake up for this will always be getting results with little efforts or marketing comparing to the much you put in with little or no results.


As a 21st century person, take advantage of what will help you get more in life other than keep you limited. If you are a full time employee, that should be the best reason to build a business or personal blog so that you will publish your life story. people are looking for what you know.

And if you are a business person that sell products or services you don’t have to negotiate. if you doubt read again to know reasons why you need a website or blog.

If you find this write up educating and may be you know some important reasons of why you need a website that I did not include here, please don’t hesitate to contribute in the comment box, i will publish it in our subsequent blog posts.

And do subscribe to our newsletter to recive subsequent blog posts.

Please reshare this information to social media it will help others too as we together commit to make the best of the Internet opportunities.

Thank You.

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