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10 Ways Of How To Set Winning Goals That Make A Difference In 2019.

Have you found yourself in a situation where you try to locate a house in an umapped settlement where there are no streets and house numbering or, search for a missing item in a scattered and untidy room?

These are not pleasant situations if you ever find yourself in, you will agree with me such experiences are frustrating, especially when you have allotted time frame to get something done, you are left with two choices:

• To give up and return back to where you were coming from or

• Continue to search in anger, and frustration as you wasted a whole lot of time, energy trying to locate what would have been easily accessible if the right thing was put in place.

These are practical experiences that shows us the picture of a life without GOALS. It leaves you in frustration, anger, disorganised, and you end given up with life.

What Are Goals?

Goals are personal or organisational lay up plans with targets set to achieve an accomplished result within a specific time or term.

Goals are not wishes or mere desires, but a well structured plan you put in writing that gives you a direction.

Wishes are not different from dreams to some extent, these are expectations that you hope for without planing for it. you are just there waiting for anything that happen whether in your favour or against you, you take it because you have not planned for it.

Goals are Categories into:

Long term Goals.

To build a house,  acquire  higher education, or grow your business to have cashflow.
This may take up to 3 to 4 years to achieve

Medium term Goals.

Goals that can be attainable within a year interval, they are not short term.

Short term Goals.

To lose weight, win a tournament, participate in modelling contest.

There are no fix long term, medium term and short term Goals. this is all dependent on your ability and the resources you have to leverage in getting a complex plan accomplished within a short time frame.

If you were told building a house is a long term Goal, then I asked, are you aware that a Chinese Construction Firm erects 57- Storey Skyscraper in 19 working days?

Source: Guardian news blog

This is to tell you that what used to be an impossible situation back in the 17th, 18th centuries is possible in the 21st century with the aid of technology.

When Setting Goals, Consider These

1- Be Realistic.

“Clear goals increase your confidence, develop your competence and boost your levels of motivation”
-Brain Tracy

May be your goal is to make #1m or #5m in the first quarter of the year. Break your goals into the “How” to achieve it. you want to get it done through a new job to have a raise in Paycheck, can it be possible through this means?

Can sales help you achieve your #5m goal? which platform will you join to sell at your leisure time while you maintain your job to achieve your financial goal?

You will also consider the product or services, if it is something you will have to sell in bulk before you will achieve your go or to sell few and hit your target.

2- Be Specific

When setting goals it is good to write down all your plans but your eyes should be on the key and most important elements   of it.
This is because when you accomplish the most important part of your goals the lesser ones automatically get influenced.

Avoid generalizing so that you will not conflict a good target. For example, you want to build a rental property that will generate Income for you. Take out your time and research for the location you want to get your project executed.

Know what it cost to get  it accomplish, this will help you to take action.

Sometimes it is not necessary how much you have on you that can get you an accomplished task.

Think leverage to  accomplish your goals with little effort or resources by engaging a medium.

3- Measurable.

Goals should be quantified irrespective of the size, you should determine how to achieve it.

You must not set goals you have budget for if you want to grow, but it should be something that you can connect the dots to get it done without  missing link.

If you set goals to build a business to have branches in all the states of the federation within 2 years, you should equally plan on paper the strategy in which you are going to achieve this.

• What are the vehicles you are going to leverage to get your goals actualise?

• Who are the people you are going to work with, do they need formal training about the business for effective service delivery?

• Are you going to leverage the internet or offline to get this done?

• Who are your target customers, and how are you going to reach them?

Consider this operational methodology, It will give you a clear road map to achieve your goals.

4- Keep Journals.

Collect your daily activities data, this will help you to appraise your goals towards accomplishment.

5- Set High Target.

You will always hit the middle when you miss high Target high but you will fall at the base if you aim low.

Your goal is to get it done 100% but in case of unexpected outcomes, it should land you 50% of your target. with this you can put in more effort to exceed your target in your second attempt.

6- Be Inspired.

With a clear written plan you should be Inspired toward achieving another success you set, this is the one that activate your potentials to unlock your full energies to get things done.

The strategies on how to get your goals accomplished are in you, it can only be awaken through inspiration.

7- Should Be Toward Improvement.

Your goals should always outdo the past, this is how to measure your success.

I once set academic goals to achieve good grades during my days in the university.

It happened when i discovered in my 300l that I was going to graduate with a third class degree, even though the paper was not going to determine my success but I told myself I don’t have to settle for that class of degree, I had my 300 & 400l to make up my lost grades.

I set goals to start going to read in school every evening atleast 4hrs from 8pm.

I designed my personal reading time table from monday to friday. I sticked to my plan of action, and achieved the goal.

8- Review and modify.

Prioritise your goals from  most important to least, check and appraise your plans.
This will help you in getting new goals set repeating the winning strategies to achieve more results.

9- Time.

Time is important when you set winning goals, it help you to measure your success.
Successful people are time conscious, so you got to put it in practice too.

10- Incentivize

What do you stand to gain or lose from reaching or not reaching your goals?
Create incentives (both positive and negative) for hitting a goal, and also not hitting a goal.

This will motivate you to win.

Goals are the first thing to do if you want to win in anything, and you must be detailed about it, this is your drawing board where you do all the analysis that determine your Victory in the battlefield.

The Quality of result you produce is directly proportional to the amount of preparations or work done by you.

Hope you found this piece educative, I would love to hear from you, by sharing a comment, it will help me to improve my research to give you more insight.

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